Where to aim the bowling ball and why

Aiming in bowling is like throwing a ball in football. You have to establish the target and find the best moment for throwing the ball away when nobody pays attention. In what concerns bowling, you have to find the right spot that can demolish the equilibrium of the pieces, transforming your shot in the best possible one!

How to aim a bowling ball-that’s a question that experienced bowlers occasionally have a hard time answering. The answer is also technical and based on observations. Aiming is also something you must feel and something that cannot be properly defined. It is a result of hours of practice and even the consult with experts who are doing this for a lifetime. More, the answer to “why aiming there?” cannot be given. The experts say that when they aim a spot, they concentrate all their positive energy upon it and, finally, they give the best strike in history!

Visualize the path before releasing the ball

So it is then after you take the ball in your hands and start bowing in order to arrange your equilibrium and put it on the foot you want, you have to look just below the ball to see how the platform can be visualized. If the visualization is complete and it is according to the center of the platform, which means that your aim is good.


If your visualization is rather to a side or to the other, which means that you will have to aim again. Of course, you should practice aiming lots of times and from a lot of distances until you finally find the best point of aiming. You could also try aiming from various distances from the platform!

Some players say that the best position is 5 or 10 feet from the platform while others are supportive for the 15 feet position. Aim is a factor that also depends on each player’s dexterity and ability of visualizing around. It is not an established rule and you will not find one anywhere.

It is relative and a theory of relativity would definitely imply more calculus and math than any other exercise of descriptive geometry.

Develop your game, get comfortbale

In this respect, you will that you will soon begin having higher and more consistent scores! You will do everything by practicing and finding the spot of your own. Aiming means learning the game, learning YOUR game.

First of all, you have to develop your style and afterwards, everything will seem a piece of cake. After wall, bowling is a game, similar to that 비트코인 카지노, that implies having fun with your friends and learning to focus all of your energy towards a certain point.

Some people even practice it instead of yoga because they also consider it a very appropriate physical exercise and that is why they practice it like going to gym! It is very surprising to see lots of people who made out of bowling a performance sport, actively participated in championships organized by themselves and became local superstars! Bowling, like chess, is a game of the mind!

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