How to play bowling using the proper technique

Bowling is a team sport that has become one of the most played nowadays. Interactive and competitive, the game requires a lot of technique and handiness in order to be properly played, qualities that can be improved towards exercise and practice!

It also implies having fun with friend and/or family and inflicts a positive energy state to you and the ones around you. Nowadays, it is one of the most played games, people preferring to play bowling more than playing on the computer. It is a game that requires inventively an dexterity. It is the game of the century!

Proper Starting Posture

So it is that one of the main things that have to be taken into account in order to play bowling properly is the posture. It is very important to maintain a proper position as long as you play, a position that implies strong muscles, head up and shoulders in a straight position according to the body.

More, when you take the ball in your hands, it is recommended to have it formed a 90 degrees angle with the legs and the rest of the body. This will give you more strength in the hit and, implicitly, more dexterity. In what concerns the fingers, they should be kept straight in the holes of the ball, like bows.


You may not feel your body relaxed but this is exactly what bowling implies, a lot of tension. When you release the ball, you will feel how all that tension disappears and creates a chain of free energy that will overwhelm you to a maximum level.

Focus on your balance

Furthermore, it is very important to mention that balance is one of the basics when it comes to bowling. Even if you feel your body tensioned, your body must balance from one point to another in order to be able to focus your energy upon a certain point.

When you release the ball, all your energy has to focus on your left or right foot and if your body is not balancing properly, you may risk sharing only half of the required energy which will lead to a lower release level and, consequently to a slow ball which will not be able to hit the targets.

The biggest mistake that all the beginners make is that they are not able to balance properly in order to focus their energy. Most of them use only parts of their energy and then they wonder why they cannot hit the ball with strength.

Nevertheless, another important thing consists in bowing your arm after the ball is released. Even if you bow your arm before releasing the ball, this will not help you very much in the tactics mentioned.

Bow your arm after the ball release

In order to play bowling properly and, implicitly, release the ball properly, you have to bow your arm up and down after you released the ball. This will keep the trajectory of the ball in the right direction and will not influence in a negative way hitting the target.

If you will not bow your arm, you may take the chance to see the ball changing its trajectory permanently!

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