How to release the ball | Bowling Release

Releasing the ball means understanding the axis rotation. Geometry is a very important subject when talking about axis, plans, and angles. When you release the ball, an entire geometrical construction is released also.

What it is really important is the fact that you must be aware of these geometrical constructions before watching the ball running on the platform!

The Horizontal Axis

More, it can be said that spinning is the main arm of releasing the ball. You have to observe the ball spinning a lot of time before throwing it on the platform. The spinning must be smooth and it must amply the two axis of rotation, vertical and horizontal.

Most of the people prefer to spin the ball watching the horizontal axe because it is easier and handier. Still, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Usually, the experts spin the ball using an oblique position according to the centre of the ball.


The oblique position allows the force to be splattered between the two plans of the ball, fact that implicitly generates a better focus of transmitting your energy to the ball. Plans and axes are important and that is the reason why you should give them the maximum importance in order to be able to play bowling properly.

If you opt for the spinning according to the horizontal axe, you have to be very careful to maintain a perfect separation between the two plans. If the upper plan is not perfectly defined, your ball will definitely change its trajectory and maybe even get out of the platform.

So it is that the axis tilt must be kept to a minimum. If you use the oblique representation of the ball, you will be able to have a very nice shot and maybe a few strikes also. It may be very hard for most of the people to find out that this game requires not only exercise but also a complete understanding of the space geometry.

If you are basing only on exercise you might fail at the throwing the ball chapter, thing that it is quite obligatory for the rest of the game.

Learn from a good bowler

Furthermore, a good thing that you could do in order to improve your axis rotation would be to find a good bowler who could watch you playing and teaching you exactly how to release the ball. He could explain you properly all these notions and could also explain them according to practical view.

If someone sees you doing the same mistake over and over again and correcting you the same amount of times, you will be able to have very good throws after a few days!

All in all, it can be said that releasing the ball in bowling requires practice, a good knowledge of geometry and, implicitly a good geometrical view. Visualizing the angles will make you understand the road of the ball and, with a lot of practice, you will be able to have the perfect hit! It is just a matter of time until you will become one of the best bowling players just like those that can be on!